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YeahLame (1:25:41 AM): *snorts* i was going to say "FABULOUS" but that was...a bit too camp. >.>
GeorgeHarri64 (1:25:58 AM): LMAO
GeorgeHarri64 (1:26:04 AM): But...youarekindofcamp
GeorgeHarri64 (1:26:26 AM): you should've really it would have been so funneh
YeahLame (1:26:32 AM): well >.> only on tuesdays, when brian let his hair down.
YeahLame (1:26:45 AM): or loosened his tie or whatever it was he did.
GeorgeHarri64 (1:26:45 AM): *snickers/dies* Omfg Bri!

Ringo says goodbye!

[19:17] janeyasher: night Cyn!
[19:17] Richie10Starr: Night cyn! Cx
[19:17] *** CynLennon64 has left the chat.
[19:18] Richie10Starr: -booyamoment- I made it saying goodbye, awyeah... -hipthrust- >D

Funny chat bits.

[17:34] GeorgeHarri22: LOVESYOUTOOBYES
[17:34] *** PattieBoyd1964 has left the chat.
[17:34] JamesPMacca: BYES*mwaahsmoleststouches*
[17:34] JamesPMacca: NUUUU
[17:34] GeorgeHarri22: HAH
[17:34] JamesPMacca: ;__;
[17:34] GeorgeHarri22: YOUPULLEDARINGO
[17:34] JamesPMacca: I wish I was pulling Ringo ; ;


I miss my Ringo.

Picture This

I decided to copy the others and post some pics of myself and I decided to put some of all of my significant others. XDDD I loooooves you all.

So first some sexy picture of myself.


I can jump rather high.

I like cowboy stuff and it looks good on me. 

And now....TIME FOR ME AND MY true looooooove. XDDD

He likes taking pictures.

Sexy profile FTW.

Us in our favorite costumes.

 Holding signs and teaching people to read!

 Dressed up and in color!

And now for me and everyone's favorite pretty boy.

 We sing so nice.

 I gave him flowers.

 Us in Canada!

Me and everyones favorite BAD BOY....


 Music on the beach.

 We have good faces.

 Sort of the same, but in color and we just look so cute. *squeal*

And NOW my favorite manager and I.

 You can tell he wants me.

 Brian looks great in cowboy gear too. XD

 We like that hat. It has special meaning for us. LOL (don't have many pics >.<)

And lastly my beatiful wife!

 Love it.

 Out on the town.

 Our early days. (WTF happened to all my Pattie/Geo pics?)

Fall 1964, George and Ringo's Flat.

I came out of my bedroom to see what the hell all the noise in the kitchen was. I had heard pots banging, cupboards slamming, and Ringo whistling happily amidst it all. Just what the hell was he doing? I stepped into the kitchen and saw Ringo standing at the counter and mixing something up in a large bowl.

"Rings, what are you doing?" I asked. My eyebrow slowly cocking upwards as I looked over his big white apron and wide grin.

The kitchen was a mess. Stuff was thrown about, large mixing spoons and bowls, measuring cups and a large choppping knife. What had Ringo been up to?

I stepped closer and tried to get a look inside the bowl he was stirring. 

"I can't leave you alone anywhere. What is that?" I crinkled my nose as I caught sight of the brown mix. 

Hamburg 1960

We had the next four hours off before we were expected to be back on the stage inside the club. We'd jetted over to Astrid's and cleaned up a bit before grabbing a bite, and then John and I headed back to the streets. We wanted some beer, and some entertainment before getting back to work.

These long hours we're becoming a real drag. We swallowed a couple more prellies each and then started laughing.

"C'mon you idiot, let's get to the bar!" I shouted and smacked John on the shoulder. He ran ahead of me and I chased after him.

We entered the nearest joint we came to and it was just a little less shabby then the place we were playing in. The band in the corner were standing around and talking. The drummer was setting up his equipment and I gasped as I recognized him.

"Hey John!" I said as I patted his shoulder. "Look it's Richie Starr. That's Rory and the Hurricanes setting up. Did you know they were supposed to be here yet?" Rory Storm and the Hurricanes were the biggest band in Liverpool.

I wondered if maybe we'd lose some of our audience to them. I hoped not we really couldn't afford too.